Ann-Marie of Adamstown Upholstery has been in the upholstery business since 1986, covering your much-loved furniture in the right fabrics to suit your needs and decor. She loves to chat about your colour scheme and what your ideas are about the comfort of your lounge or dining chairs.

Customers are never rushed and samples are available to be taken home on loan if need be to get a better idea of how the colour and pattern will work in your room. If businesses such as restaurants need a make-over then Ann-Marie can call out with samples at a time that suits you and your schedule.

If you are renovating, Ann-Marie will suggest you get your lounge covered when its up to the painting stage when it will be out of the way, and then delivered when your room is ready.

Adamstown Upholstery have a large range of fabrics to choose from, including vinyls, leather, fire-retardant fabrics and vinyls, outdoor fabrics and many more.

There’s no obligation to quotations, so please ask for one and also any advice on fabric performance and/or colour choice.

So whether you need furniture upholstery for your home or business, whether you are renovating or remodelling, or even if you simply need a 'cut & sew' service, contact Ann-Marie of Adamstown Upholstery today.

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